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Also, this element makes them more cunning and strengthens their intelligence, making them highly competitive. Their ability to anticipate and analyze, along with their logical problem-solving skills are just a few of their talents. Water the element that influences those born in years ending in 2 or 3 makes those born under this sign extremely sensitive beings -one of their best features. Therefore, this type of Cat loses its conviction and can be easily influenced. These people lack problem-solving skills and end up isolating themselves.

The Chinese zodiac Rabbit combined with the Wood element, i. Their strong point is teamwork and their appetite for fame and fortune which always take them far. The Fire element influences Cats born in years ending in 6 or 7. This element enhances their skills to the max. That is why they are extremely cunning, and they use this to their advantage in business endeavors or private life with diplomacy or for their own personal benefit.

The Earth element, for those that belong to this sign born in the years ending in 8 or 9, the Earth brings stability to their nature. This makes them more reflective and introspective, which on the one hand guarantees their success in their projects. But, it also makes them more elusive and less in tune to interpersonal relationships. It isn't always easy to have a relationship with someone born in the year of the Rabbit or Cat, but it could be much more difficult too. To be in a relationship with someone from this sign, their partner has to know them very well. However, they can sometimes be a bit over the top which can end up being a bit difficult to manage.

Their refined and elitist understanding of life forces them to constantly move in their exclusive circles. You might feel somewhat undervalued by these people, and when they're at their most pompous, they can even make others feel inferior. This sign is an excellent manipulator. Also, in business, a Cat could sell a comb to a bald man. However, their inability to solve problems makes them face reality and they usually end up depressed and moody.

He said the goat would be the eighth zodiac animal, the monkey the ninth and the rooster the tenth. The next animal to finish was the dog. His reward was to have the eleventh year named after him.

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Now there was one place left in the zodiac and the Emperor wondered when the last winner would come. He had nearly given up when he heard a grunt from the boar. He felt very cross with the rat and since then cats have never been friends with rats. From that day to this the Chinese Zodiac has followed this cycle of years named after these twelve animals. Dear Arrg Man, Thank you for your version….

Bertie — January 31, I am born in the year of the monkey, but you did not have a monkey in this audio book which was quite annoying! You need to research the story first! The rat forgot to wake the cat up, but saw the ox lumbering on, so hopped on him, and during the RACING contest, jumped off the ox just in time to come first on the zodiac, behind the finish line. When the cat woke up, he was soooo very mad! Would be great if this misread word could be changed! Thanks for the stories. Bertie — January 7, That story was sad. But it showed a good point.

Bertie — January 21, You might also be interested in our story of how the Chinese years were named after animals. And if you like tigers, then try the poem. This is a very well told story,also it was really interesting. The three main things about the story are. Bertie — March 23, By trotwoodclass […].

Chinese New Year Animal Zodiac Story - Sarah's Silks

China Week Trotwood Class — February 3, Hi Bertie. This version is very interesting! I all ways heard that 12 animals had a race and the buffalo was in first when the rat jumped onto his back then leaped off to the finish line. Also I was born in and want to know what amimal I am.

My dad would like to know too. He was born in I could not find the link.

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Thanks agin for the story!!!!! Bertie — April 26, George — August 24, Unknown — August 30, Aw, cute story. I might be getting too technical for this, but just wanted to add that the year chart information can be inaccurate for people born in January or February, depending on when the Chinese New Year started. But such a cute story. Bertie — January 18, Try it out!

The Chinese Years of the Animals

Then I Minused the 4 and I got 5! So I tried it with a bigger number than 5. And when I minused 77, guess what I got?

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You can do it with any number!!! Dear Bertie, In my version the animals are too loud then they have a race and someone declared that they would all be for the new year. China is a veary stron and beautiful country. Bertie — June 5, Such a wonderful story! This story has tons of versions but I like this better than the one I usually hear. They version I usually hear is different as the rabbit hitched on the tiger, the snake rode the horse and came after the horse by a flicker of his tongue and the dragon stopped by a village to make rain. You should probally write in if there is going to be an age of the cats because right now i am on frointer learning about cats.

Roosters are extrovert and love to strut their stuff, , — Year of the Rat Rats are ambitious and very focused on their goals, but they are also fun and love gossip. I have the same problem as Jasmine B about wanting to be a dog instead of a pig. No wonder I am so good at making pig noises!

Dear Bertie and Natasha, Thank you for reading this story and putting it online!

Chinese Astrology: Water Dragon

I am Chinese and heard this story a few times but I never knew this version! And this came from India?

Chinese Zodiac Rat

My three best friends are all Indian. I think it is an amazing story! Best wishes, Thank you. In the sentince the animals limberd for the race it says for for the race mabey you should fix that. I really liked this story. I just wish rooster came in first. I think it gives people a fun and interesting way to learn and know the Chinese zodiac. I was born in , so dose that mean my spirt animal is a Tiger?!?! I forgot to tell you a happy ST.

Patricks day! I think the oxen really is me because I am kind — hearted and I am always determined to help people. It was really interesting! Feng Shui recommends surrounding yourself with living plants for positive energy. There is no hemming and hawing with this type of person — just speak your mind. Some of the characteristics you can expect in a fire person include perception, leadership, zeal, vigor and enthusiasm.

People regard you as being somewhat eclectic and periodically jealous. Feng Shui recommends looking to interesting collections that feed your spirit like old coins and artwork. Feng Shui recommends comfortable items that keep you well-grounded in your native element. METAL: The Chinese Zodiac portrays metal people as ones with strength, a love of freedom, great communication skills, virtue and the attitude of gratitude.

Metal is strong minded but not as emotional as some other elements. Water people have a good deal of wisdom and the ability to sway others. This is a very passionate element yet one with an air of mystery. Another way in which people apply the Chinese Zodiac is in determining who might be the best match for friends, lovers or life mates based on their birth animal sign. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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