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This ranking was, really, a race for No. Not a single one of Quincy Jones' production flourishes is out of place, spanning rock and funk and disco and all anchored by a tortured performance by a year-old Jackson that would remain his all-time career best. Ranking Michael Jackson's No. Michael Jackson in Haydens CD release party!

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Hayden discovered the blues at an early age while living in Mississippi and started playing guitar just before his 9th Birthday. He was birthed into the music scene at age 12 when blues legend Buddy Guy invited him to play alongside him for a sold-out show at the one of the largest music venues in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. Ever since, Hayden has surprised and entertained audiences across the world with his electrifying guitar playing abilities. Ultimate Sabbath is considered one of the most faithful recreations of Black Sabbath, particularly the classic Ozzy years, on the planet.

While their repertoire occasionally stretches into the 80s, it is those pivotal first four Sabbath records that Ultimate Sabbath focus upon. Ultimate Sabbath not only recreates some of the heaviest sounds ever made but also some of the most influential. The Bad Boys of Funk are coming home for one night only! The Furious Bongos are a Frank Zappa project who understand that however people describe Zappa, safe or vanilla aren't usually first in mind.

And, they appreciate Frank's role as an entertainer, not just as a composer - his performances certainly weren't supposed to be boring recitals, so The Furious Bongos don't shy away from taking risks and putting on a great show. No one will carry the torch of Elton John's seminal live work more so than Elton Rohn. Often considered to be North America's premier Elton John tribute show, Elton Rohn replicates the songs and the showmanship like no other.

Whether it be a standard like Goodbye Yellow Brick Road or a deep cut such as Love Lies Bleeding, you'd be forgiven in thinking that you were witnessing a classic Elton John performance from decades ago. Still, Rohn not also matches the voice and the flamboyance but also the soul.

For those too young to witness it the first time around or those or for those who will never forget, Elton Rohn is an experience like no other. They challenge convention and arrive with a dynamic, diverse, and definitive statement.

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A true Bruce Springsteen Tribute Experience. All the hits, deep cuts, and fan favorites performed by Jason Patti and his incredible 8 piece band. To know Driftwood is to know their roots. Every band has a story, and often times that story is instrumental pun intended in how their sound and persona as a band was developed. Their lyrics are sometimes dark and powerful, sometimes light and quirky. Hailing from Binghamton, NY, Driftwood is music of the land.

Integrating folk, country, classic rock and punk, Driftwood play a true American music. Meyer, R. Meyer, M. Kofos, J. Andrew Watt, J. Feldmann M.

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Hoppus, T. Barker, M. Skiba, J. Feldmann, A. Wotman, N. Perez, A. Stump, W. Jean, J. Siverstedt A. Hurley, P. Wentz, P.

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Stump, J. Trohman, W. Siverstedt, J.

Wallin, N. Slipknot, G. Fidelman M. Thomson, J. Root, C. Fehn, P. Gray, S. Wilson, J. Jordison, C. Taylor, C. Jones, M.

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Of Monsters And Men, R. Costey B. Hilmarsdottir, N. Bruno Mars E. Sheeran, Bruno Mars, C. Stapleton, C.

Brown, F. Rogers, J. Cure, B. McNamee, G. Thaae B. Emmons, J. Emmons, C. Koster, C. Huot, A. Paquette, F. Stalfors B. McKee, M. Compton, L. Stalfors, D. Quon, A. Taccone, N. Kuhn N. Wold, J. Wick, M. Nelson, T.

Happy Birthday song and its strange past

Kuhn, M. Goodman, S. Accetta, D. Lonner, E. Trifilio, M. Henkels, J. Alvarado L. Raskulinecz J. Davis, J. Shaffer, B. Welch, R. Arvizu, R. Luzier, W. Corgan, N. Churko C. Gray, C. Brady, K. Sanders, T. Maxwell, V. Abbott, K. Joyce A. Esposito, N. Wilkerson, S. Wilkerson, R. Hater, H. View Charts Legend. At The Disco. Song Lyrics. High Hopes.

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Songwriter s : B. Producer s : J. Here Comes The Sun. Gains in performance. Songwriter s : G. Producer s : G. Songwriter s : Z. The Hype. Songwriter s : T. Producer s : T. Joseph, P. Come Together. Songwriter s : J. Lennon, P. Father Of All Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool.