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The World card signifies a long journey coming to an end. If you've recently accomplished a lifelong goal such as purchasing a house, that's why this card appears.

Take a Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Today's Star Ratings Your general mood. Sex Hustle Vibe Success. Read more. Today's Reading Choose your cards. Get a Live Tarot Reading. The planet of War enters Libra on October 4th just days before Venus's exit. This is an exciting time for energy to come to an uproar.

Your October Horoscope, Revealed

You'll definitely feel a desire to take action for the sake of your own personal health and happiness, and to pursue partnerships in a new way. During this brief window of time when Venus, the ruler of Libra, and Mars, the ruler of Libra's opposing zodiac sign come together in the same solar house. To find out what the entire month has in store for your zodiac sign during the October planetary changes, check out your astrology horoscope forecast below. This is a month where the focus is on relationships.

All of them. Personal and professional. The Sun is in Libra, in your solar house of relationships from the 3rd on, Mars will also be in Libra. Since both are fiery, you can expect some fireworks. Add to this that Mercury and Venus will spend most of the month in passionate Scorpio. The King of Pentacles is both about money and the ability to take ownership of what you have and what is needed.

You may find you are giving to people in need. Your charity can be made up of time or money, or both. Family matters that have been a problem might clear by the New Moon on the 27th. The Seven of Cups is about completion and an emotional ending for you. You could come to the end of a long project and feel really good about the quality of your work. You love recreation. With Sun and Mars in Libra and your solar house play, you can expect to be surrounded by interesting people with interesting stories to tell.

Expect to make new friends, too. Mercury goes retrograde on the 31st. The Four of Pentacles is about managing your personal affairs, with work and also with money.

Aries: October 12222

You may have to be selective on what you spend time on and keep an eye on your budget so you don't overextend yourself by being too generous. Sun in Libra activates 4th solar house of root security and relationships with authority figures. Mercury and Venus travel quite close all month. This can unite thoughts and emotions in a powerful way. Your instincts will be especially good this month. The Full Moon on the 13th will likely stir your emotions. You might get so charged up that you decide to venture into a new career. The Strength card is about inner and outer determination.

October Monthly Horoscope - atadeqanupuf.tk

This is a time when you won't want to wait for good things to happen for you. You may have to make them happen and it will require a bit of forcefulness on your part. This month, you can expect to be especially so. If your single and looking, September is a good month to have a little fun.

Mercury and Venus in Scorpio are in your solar house of home and family, so make sure you take care of your domestic responsibilities. The Six of Wands tarot card is about new beginnings often related to stress management that could involve a pet. You could decide that it's time to get a puppy or kitten or realize you need to attend to matters related to their veterinarian care. Attention to detail is a quality that Virgo has a well-earned reputation.

This will be especially true this month with Mercury in Scorpio and your solar house of thoughts and communication. You enjoy the role of investigator, but be careful. Too much mucking around can damage relationships. The Two of Cups can be about love and partnership but also about choices that involve your feelings.

You may experience an emotional change of life that makes it necessary to choose one thing over another. It's not going to be easy, but it will be a time of growth. Tact will likely be thrown aside this month. Sun and Mars will cross your communicative sign. Be sincere and thoughtful. Try your best to temper your rhetoric with a healthy dose of tact. You might be asked to donate to a cause that dear to you.

Pisces October 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

Instead of money, consider donating your time and get involved. The World tarot card is about having lots of options and many of them positive and none greater or lesser than the other. If you're making choices, choose from the heart so that you are picking something you love rather people-pleasing. Decisions will have to be made this month. Especially concerning whether to reveal a few of your precious secrets. The Fool tarot card is about new beginnings but rushing ahead so fast that you fail to see the point in your choices.