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This Watery spirit knows something magical is taking place and eventually becomes a witness to the intuitive process itself as events transpire connected to utilizing this energy. Home, family, pets, and nature are allies. The universe at times asks Cancer to initiate a plan to act on but then suddenly sends a second wave of intuition that says pause. It is this rhythm of move and pause that allows Cancer to more clearly adopt a life script that fits its needs.

Some perceive Cancer as complicated to understand for this reason, although this Moon-ruled sign simply sees this as business as usual. The synchronicity that can find birth when Cancer consciously embraces intuition is a life aligned with emotional security, clear dependency needs, and rewarding creative accomplishments. Leo engages intuition in a dramatic and lively manner it is more like a roar with this solar-ruled Fiery spirit.

Being the center of attention is sometimes a desire with this sign, but not always is this the case. The universe can send messages that tuning into intuition is a matter of self-confidence but can require a dose of humility. Leo has a strong pride in seeing its efforts bring results. Flexibility is the key to making use of intuition for Leo, and it may not come easy. The interesting thing about Leo is that sometimes it is well in the middle of a plan or creative process that intuitive instincts get clearer and stronger.

It is crucial for Leo not to lose confidence or patience when an idea takes time to come to fruition. Because this is when the intuitive process may be gaining greater strength and insight. The synchronicity that greets Leo when having faith in intuition is more fulfilling love shared with others and feeling the full intensity of creative exploration that can produce recognition from others. Virgo screens intuition carefully, or perhaps it is more accurate to say listens to it as though it is auditioning it for a part in a play.

When convinced an intuitive insight has merit, this Mercury-ruled Earthy spirit can put ideas to work in a hurry.

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Mental persistence and an analytical nature come standard with this sign. When the universe sends intuitive information in the form of thoughts, dreams, or ideals, it is key for Virgo not to too quickly write them off as unreal or impractical. In between the lines of a symbol could be the inspirational force needed to carry out a special project or pursue a fulfilling goal.

Virgo is wise not to dwell on negative thinking. It is the talent to sense perfection from imperfection that separates this sign from the others. When transcending self-doubt life is more magical and opportunities come quicker.

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The synchronicity reward can suddenly become a reality when surrendering a relentless attention to detail to trusting an intuitive hunch and acting with faith in beliefs. Libra weighs intuition thoughtfully on a scale of what would be the right choice to make to avoid conflict. This sign does like the feeling it can experience when finally resolving difficult decisions. This Venus-ruled Airy spirit has a knack in utilizing intuition in an artistic way.

Social interacting and romance often launches intuitive intensity in this sign. Mental insights can guide Libra toward a deeper way of intuiting the right paths to self-growth and inner fulfillment. Indecision is what can throw a major curve ball into moving forward with assertiveness. Walking that delicate balance between satisfying personal goals with expectations of others is a constant need. The universe may send a strong intuitive signal to Libra that jumping off the fence of not making a decision is liberating. Becoming un-conflicted about making choices is freedom.

People skills are usually highly developed in this sign.

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Synchronicity is a pleasant surprise achieved through not second-guessing a well-conceived plan and not overly trying to please others. Scorpio has a strong tenacious emotional field surrounding its consciousness, and intuition has to knock extra hard to penetrate this very focused Watery spirit. It should be said that when this Pluto-ruled sign lets intuition guide its thinking and feelings, amazing creative power can manifest with great passion!

This is a sign that often has an agenda that may remain hidden but eventually made visible to those they trust. When the universe comes calling with intuitive gifts Scorpio must decide, sooner or later, what to do with this energy. It is not so unusual for the universe to send a second and possibly a third wave of intuitive energy in a persistent manner to get the attention of this sign that prefers life on its own terms.

Learning to convert negative tendencies into positive expression leads to self-mastery and success. Synchronicity surfaces in the form of a sense of rebirth, insights into marketing skills, and renewed personal empowerment when facing inner fears through embracing honest self-examination.

Sagittarius moves so fast that it appears actions and intuition occur simultaneously. It should be said that this Fiery spirit might not necessarily even be aware that intuition is leading the charge forward. This sign lit with a fuel-injected enthusiasm has really no rival in this department of feeling naturally optimistic. Occasionally a little slowing down allows this Jupiter-ruled sign a fast instant to grab the hand of intuition and make the right choice in the nick of time.

Life is more rewarding when Sagittarius keeps an open mind and stays clear of dogmatism.

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The universe is more likely to send intuitive waves when this fireball maintains a broad perspective. Perceiving the cup as at least half full keeps options open and opportunities plentiful. When the mind is radiating a generous energy and hunger for learning, intuitive power is readily available.

Travel on the mental and physical planes accelerates the pace that intuition works for this sign.

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Synchronicity manifests in the form of luck and sudden new adventures. Capricorn puts intuition to the test. There is a protective guard around this sign similar to Saturn, its planetary ruler. The universe is attracted to the structure-orientation of Capricorn because it knows it has found a reliable vehicle to create through. The test for Capricorn is to relax enough into intuitive energy and really go with its flow.

It can then sense the rewards that comes from having the faith to release this creative power into the world. Intuitive energy knows it will be well-utilized in this very grounded sign; there is no other sign as determined to finish what is started. Responsibility and ambition come naturally. Relinquishing fear releases endless opportunities.

Synchronicity comes through not resisting change and balancing common sense with higher ideals. Aquarius can run like the wind with intuition as though it has been hit by a bolt of sudden, lightning-like insight! The mind of this Uranus-ruled Airy spirit does not move in a linear fashion. Some would perceive this as erratic, but to Aquarius this is just an ordinary routine. This sign thinks very fast as a general rule and might not be aware it is following an intuitive impulse.

Seeking new and interesting life pursuits is a constant drive. If you've run out of money to finance a venture, stay calm. Launch a fundraiser.

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The blockage you're experiencing will give way, allowing you to speed towards your goal. Don't be surprised when you're given a raise and promotion because of your achievement. You're moving up the professional ladder to success and it feels fantastic. Taurus Horoscope for March 28 There's no reason to continue doing thankless jobs. Change your schedule to include activities that are both emotionally and financially rewarding.

If people complain about your new list of priorities, you know you're doing something right. Everyone has become too dependent on your self-sacrificing attitude. When you project an air of cool confidence, manipulators will stop bothering. You'll attract people who appreciate your talent and will handsomely compensate your work. It will be an empowering change that allows you to cultivate great wealth. Gemini Horoscope for March 28 If you're going to win people's trust, you must be reliable.

Stop missing appointments and deadlines. It will take time for others to recognise you have turned over a new leaf. Be patient. You'll know you have redeemed your reputation when you're given important assignments. Putting yourself on a rigorous schedule will be boring at first. Don't worry; you'll soon get accustomed to it. Once your productivity increases, you'll wonder how you were able to get anything done without a routine. Check out your horoscope for today: Daily Horoscope.

Cancer Horoscope for March 28 Allowing yourself to be led by emotion is a mistake. While your feelings are a powerful navigation system, they shouldn't stop you from taking risks, challenging authority or performing experiments. When you get scared, it's a sign you should try new things. Adopting a more adventurous attitude will put you on the path to success.

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  • It can also help to join a group that's dedicated to your favourite subject. When you are surrounded by people who are engaged in their passion, you'll become much better at manifesting your desires. Leo Horoscope for March 28 Stop worrying so much about your reputation. The most successful people are willing to change and grow. If you're good at one type of work, that doesn't mean you should perform it for a lifestyle.

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    Branch out. You'll feel awkward at first, but it's temporary. Have you been longing to create something of lasting beauty? This is your chance. Crafting things that are a delight to the senses will bring out the best in you. Don't be surprised when you become the object of several people's desire. Virgo Horoscope for March 28 Don't be so quick to disparage those who are less fortunate. They may have problems that cloud their thinking or undermine their ability to work.

    Adopting a more compassionate attitude won't make you weak. It will empower you. The ability to connect increases your versatility. Don't be surprised when you hit upon a solution that helps underserved people in your community. Making your neighbourhood a better place to live for everyone is a worthy goal.

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    • Shine light into the dark corners of the world. Do you have a problem, a question or an issue that is troubling you? Why not speak to a live psychic now, confidentially and in the comfort of your own home? Psychic Readings Now! Libra Horoscope for March 28 There's very little you cannot do.

      When you discover a skill that is beyond the scope of your abilities, don't panic. Instead, find an expert who can do the work for you. Don't begrudge their fee.

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