January 16 cusp horoscope

Of course, the upside to this abundant and satisfying imaginative life is the creative personality that flows from within.

Thankfully, Capricorn-Aquarians are great communicators. Their most satisfying relationships draw on lively, intellectual discussions. Yes, this pairing of Saturn and Uranus is emotional and creative, but they also crave context and admire logic and reasoning.

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They are driven, and can be competitive. This, combined with their creativity, makes room for success in work As is true for most of us, Capricorn-Aquarians hold many contradictions within them. Though they feel a strong need for security, they also long for freedom.

They love learning, but also can be easily overwhelmed by life's challenges. While they feel disillusioned by reality, they also feel driven to change the world for the better. They are often business-oriented and can be extremely scrupulous. They are generally reserved, careful and stable. Sometimes they may be overly critical, even bossy, but this is because they have a strong desire to achieve their goals, not because they are rude.

Characteristics of Capricorn-Aquarius Cusps You Never Knew About

In fact, they are generally polite because they understand that making enemies will not help them achieve anything in life. They are unique and rebellious, driven to change the world. Their freedom is important to them, and they are often driven to help others become free as well. They are quite the social animals and often have a fondness for conversation, as long as it has intellectual depth and meaning. Their ambition is inexhaustible, and they are not easily deterred when their goals are in sight. Their visionary nature makes them people who take the world to the next level; they make others see things in a new light.

Born on the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp

Their ability to break the rules and move beyond what others think is possible makes them one of the most innovative and hard working characters of the zodiac. If you happen to be in prison you will be glad to have Uranus find a way out. If you go far enough to get lost you will look for something Saturn provides, protection you can lean against, a resting place. When you come home to Capricorn you can expect a very uncomfortable lecture about how foolish you were to run away but you will find enough shelter to rest until you are ready to take off again.

I like the example of the chicken hatching from the egg shell ruled by Saturn. The life of the chicken depends on the shell breaking at just the right time. If it breaks too soon, the chicken will not survive.

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If it fails to break when the chicken is ready to step out, the chicken would not survive. As soon as the chicken is able to survive outside the shell Saturn takes over the structure and the boundaries which identify the chicken as a chicken. This applies to civilizations as well. Too many times we have allowed the civilization to fail and had to start over.

I believe we will be able to survive this transformation this time. In order for the individual to be comfortable with this cusp they must be able to enjoy the learning process, the journey through life without being thrown off balance by even major changes that are unavoidable. You love your freedom and are willing to make changes but you also recognize a need for security. The better able you are to keep a balance which does not overly limit your freedom and yet maintain your security the better you will be able to live on this edge.

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