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An expert astrologer can easily read the connection of planets with education in a horoscope. It really helps in selecting an education stream. Astrology not only helps in selecting an education stream, but it also provides best and bad periods for education. At the same time, Mercury and Jupiter are known for education and wisdom. Current running Dasha-Bhukti will give a clear clue about the education prospects.

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As per my Horoscope, which stream Science or Commerce or Art is better for me? Will academic efforts would bear fruit or not? According to astrology analysis, May I be a topper or how can I be a topper? May I get scholarship for higher study?

May I go abroad for higher studies? If there is such combination in my horoscope What are favorable and unfavorable period for education astrologically? Academics and education are the foundations of a career and thus for a person to succeed in life, it is a must that he or she achieves unbarred success and triumph. Education is the true enlightenment in life.

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