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Lawyers' fees in church bankruptcy raises concern.

What you need to know for Wednesday, October 9, Power line shocks breadfruit picker in Mongmong. Man shot by police released from GRMC, arrested. Headless dog carcass thrown at Merizo cemetery.

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Torre pleads not guilty to amended indictment. Informant in Yona mayor's case relocated. Accept your sensitivity, but do not fear being judged. Share your love and speak your truth.

Home is where the heart is. Take comfort in the warmth of the love from your family and friends to stay rooted when life itself is in a whirlwind. There are six planets spinning in retrograde motion now, so be gracious in how you receive others. Emotional arguments may flare up within your close-knit circle; do your best to not pick up anyone else's baggage. Your differences are what make you unique. The more you allow others to be who they are, the freer you are to be yourself.

Remember your roots but prioritize your peace. Thoughts take an analytical turn today. The Aquarius Moon revolutionizes your logic, prompting you to respectfully decline any invitations to dance with drama. Flip the switch by communicating directly and letting go of the need to prove your point or make someone else wrong. Remain the objective observer and bear witness without judgment. This emotional detachment helps you to resist getting swept away by anyone else's contrariness or meltdowns.

To be in the world but not of it is a gift. Get ready to receive! Your house of money lights up, and with six retrograde planets in the picture, it's hard to see things for what they really are now. You may experience a surprising windfall or a shocking expense; be prepared for anything and expect nothing.

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Excessive worry over financial security is unproductive and keeps you from being able to move forward. Embrace whatever gives you pleasure and comfort. Recognize the value of gratitude, even when things appear to be falling apart. A sparkling new frontier is beckoning you now. The brilliant Aquarius Moon illuminates your solar consciousness, and you are eager to take on the world.

Be aware of impulsive communication today.

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Know when to keep silent. Wholeheartedly accept what you cannot change and do your best to follow up with unfinished business or relationships that can be healed.

You can reap rewards and rectify imbalances simultaneously if you play your cards right. As the author of your experience, you dictate the story of your life.

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Your subconscious mind searches for unity today. Write your masterpiece this year. Disciplined efforts reward a domestic renovation. Beauty, fun and harmony surround your family this winter, before a professional puzzle requires resolution. Untangle a misunderstanding next summer, before you land a professional prize. Share connections, views and data to grow. Syndicated columnist and astrologer Linda C.

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