Cancer love compatibility

I read a funny description of Cancer man once, that said when hurt, he punches out as he leaves, full of irrational blaming and just absorbed in his own hurt feels. In the break-up with Cancer, you see the true loony madness they live with within.

1. Cancer and Virgo

Cancer is the most subjective sign, meaning they often can't see beyond the mood of the moment. One upside to this, is that good memories live on to infinity. The Crab enjoys dating even more when there's no chance of it being serious. That's when they show their playful side, and have a friendly, but distant warmth. But if they really like you, the Cancer can become strange, especially if it brings all their fears of rejection to the surface.

So just because a Crab runs away when they see you, doesn't mean they don't like you -- it could mean the opposite! The Cancer has a world of feelings, and often they build up, and take on a life of their own.

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That's why they erupt into inexplicable tantrums, from built up resentment or rage. Being with a Cancer means sensing those silent but deadly build-ups, and wondering what to do about it!

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  • Cancer Love Compatibility: Seeking Emotional Security;

Cancer really wants the kind of love that will endure all their lunar phases moods. It's a paradox of their nature that they crave stability, but are themselves so erratic emotionally. And at times, unreliable.

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Just because you have won their trust, doesn't mean they'll stick around. The Crab has a drama to play out, as part of its growing to emotional maturity, and you may simply be playing a supporting role. Cancers often test potential friends and lovers, to see how far that loyalty goes.

Some use this in self-destructive ways, to reinforce the belief that nobody loves them and they'll die alone. Best keep your feet on the ground. May Love is back on track making you feel wanted and appreciated. June Extend your social network. Being with friends is warm and supportive. Aries horoscopes year ahead in love stars and compatibility test Taurus horoscopes year ahead in love stars and compatibility test Gemini horoscopes year ahead in love stars and compatibility test Cancer horoscopes year ahead in love stars and compatibility test. Sometimes, Crabs may struggle with letting a relationship end, and their breakups may have to happen several times before they accept that it's really over.

Cancer Zodiac Compatibility With the Signs- Explained

On the flip side, Cancer takes loyalty very seriously, and a breach of loyalty, however small it seems, can be a deal-breaker for a Cancer. Bottom line: Cancer loves to be loved, and loves love itself—but communication and conversation are what really allow this sign's bonds to flourish.

What's In Your Future? Get answers now with a video psychic reading. Taurus : Steadfast and passionate, Taurus is a fixed sign that can help ground cardinal Cancer. Both Taurus and Cancer are very connected to their physical bodies, and share an intense, almost psychic, sensuality. For Taurus and Cancer, even brushing each other's hand can create an electric current. Taurus can help inspire Cancer to action, while Cancer can help Taurus tune into deeper emotions.

Pisces : Cardinal Cancer and mutable Pisces both have intense emotional reservoirs, so they both understand that sometimes people need to cry just because , and that an epic fight doesn't necessarily mean a relationship is over. Imaginative and intuitive, Pisces and Cancer are happy in their collective heads, and they delight in dreaming up many future life scenarios.

Cancer Compatibility - Love, Sex, Trust & Life

Taking action is an altogether different matter, but luckily for this couple, Cancer is good at rallying people to make dreams a reality. Scorpio : When these two water signs meet, the magnetism between them packs the cosmic wallop of a strong electric charge. What holds this couple together is their fierce loyalty and their understanding that emotional eruptions aren't necessarily a sign of being a bad match, but more likely a sign of their intense connection.

Want to know more about your love matches? Check every zodiac sign's love compatibility. Bring out the reservations, white tablecloths, and red wine, because Cancers love to keep their dates traditional, and having their date pick up the tab signals they're cared for and loved. Cancer hates surprises and would much rather know about plans weeks in advance. Cancer also hates being thrust into the spotlight, which is why it's key to keep any engagement plans private. When it comes to love, Cancers prize any time they have with their significant other. Unexpectedly bringing a friend can hurt a Cancer's feelings and make him or her feel like the relationship is less of a priority.

To the Crab, relationships often come before friendships—and sometimes even family. Showing that they're number one in your book can go far. Cancer also loves nights at home. Cuddling on the couch, watching movies, and talking are all key, and this kind of cozy intimacy should be built into every week.

What matters to Cancer isn't so much what you do, but how present you are doing it—darkening the room, lighting candles, and putting phones away to truly connect preferably with lots of cuddling are all critical gestures in making a Cancer feel loved. Emotional, intuitive Cancer just can't help bonding and bonding fast! And when fire and water meet, expect sparks, steam, tears, epic fights—and even more epic makeup sessions. While water signs love to explore, dwell, and pontificate on their emotions, fire signs are all about action.

Fire signs want to fix things, which can spell disaster for a water sign like Cancer.

Cancer Sign Dates & Traits

Crabs prefer to let their emotions to wash over them and feel their feelings before they commit to action. That's why Cancer and fire signs often lock into misunderstandings, with each side simply unable—or unwilling—to understand where the other is coming from. But within this misunderstanding and mystery is exactly where the passion lies. Water signs are excited by fire signs' get-up-and-go attitude, while fire signs are drawn to Cancer's seemingly endless reserves of compassion.

So can a Cancer settle down with a fire sign? Yes, but first this watery soul needs to understand the unique communication styles of a fire sign.

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Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius may not be able to intuit what Cancer needs, and it's incumbent on the Crab to let his or her fire sign partner in on those Cancerian emotions. If Cancers won't let a fire sign in, they can't expect those signs to interpret their actions or read their minds.