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This couldn't be better for someone who was a reporter, writer, speaker, teacher, networker, producer, tv host, promoter and negotiator. It is interesting that her Mercury and Venus in Gemini are at 29 degrees, the very last degree of the sign, and also known as the anaretic degree. This is a very powerful placement and indicates that she has spent many lifetimes working on her communication, writing, and speaking skills.

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This lifetime she has come to do something special with these talents. This particular degree of Gemini is also known as the Aries point which is significant because she was a pioneer in her field and she paved the way for people like Roseanne Barr and Ellen De Generes. With the Moon in Sagittarius in the 9th house, this is the natural comic of the zodiac and the Moon near the top of a chart often indicates a career in the public eye.

The fact that it's in Sagittarius shows the strong possibility of an international career and with Capricorn on the midheaven, she had specific goals that she wanted to achieve. With three planets in Virgo in the 6th house, she was very critical but also very hard working. Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in that 6th house, so she had lots of energy and was always analyzing everything and then had to talk about it. The Jupiter and Mars conjunction are at the apex of a T square so they are exceptionally powerful and would indicate her often acerbic tongue. She had a very special ability to bring humor into difficult situations.

And with Uranus in the first house, she knew that she was different and she didn't care what other people thought of her.

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She was going to do it her way and no one was going to tell her what to do. Opinion Horoscopes for Saturday, August 17, Opinion Horoscopes for Thursday, September 5, Best And Famous Astrologer in Singapore. Daily love horoscope capricorn pisces.

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Bigar stars horoscopes. Coleco zodiac manual. Taurus, try to work out an issue before it gets worse. Hardcore's Important Astrology Experiment. Pisces, you'll want to push a key matter to fruition. Red equals communism. Noted communist Gorbachev also has his Mars in Aries. Who knows!

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Bernie's rising sign is Scorpio. According to Phoenix, one should never underestimate a Scorpio rising. They're in it 'til the end, which explains why he refused to leave the race for so long. Now let's see what's going on in Hillary's chart: Hillary is also a Scorpio rising. This explains why she too was a staunch opponent during the election, as well as the current one. One of Hillary's biggest thorns in her side during this campaign shows up in her chart. You see, her Uranus is squaring her moon.

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Uranus rules technology, the moon rules the home, the square represents conflict between the two. Hello, private mail server drama! Hillary's Pluto is in Capricorn within her second house, which represents material values. Phoenix takes this to mean that she will eventually be beholden to the plutocracy that's been giving her money. A common theme of Hillary's chart is surface and projection. Her Jupiter being in Sagittarius and her Pluto, Mars and Saturn all hanging out in her ninth house join to create a situation where the real Hillary is hidden from the general public.

Next up: Donald Trump. Trump is a Leo rising, which, according to Phoenix, has led him to believe he is here on Earth to play the role of a king.

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Similarly, Trump's Mars is in Leo in his twelfth house, which indicates a secret desire to be a sun god. Phoenix believes Trump's penthouse in Trump Tower, which is largely encased in gold, could be interpreted as a shrine to Apollo. There is "a conspiracy of Gemini" at the top of his natal chart. Gemini represents duality. When channeled in a positive way, this energy can manifest as someone being charming, flexible and quick-witted.

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But if channeled in a negative way, there's a risk of duplicity, inconsistency and untrustworthiness. Phoenix senses some possible trouble on the horizon for Trump. Retrograde Mars is square in his twelfth house, which represents hidden enemies. Phoenix advises that Trump watch his back.