Aquarius born on november 13 horoscope

Your primary element is water. This element influences how you make decisions and how you view people. You tend to be very emotional in a negative and corrosive way. You always feel that everything that is going wrong around you is somehow a reflection of your character. These are precisely the kinds of words you would use to describe yourself at certain points in your life.


The truth is, most people are not better than you. In fact, in many cases, they are inferior to you. I know this is a shock, but it is the truth. Stop holding yourself up to an impossible standard and be more realistic as far as your expectations go. The lucky color of people born on this day is light green.

This color project liveliness and growth. Someone born on 13th November is a Scorpio, and with that zodiac alignment comes a certain set of symbols and deeper meanings that follow and guide you throughout your life. The gemstone for those born on 13th November is the opal — a gemstone of mystery, but also prestige. Opal also clears the mind, opens the heart and allows wisdom from on high to enter you, which is good for those Scorpio people who have been finding their usually excellent intuition dulled or foggy of late.

You are a very loving and lovable person. Always remember that you have a lot to offer. Username or Email Address.

Birthday Horoscope November 13th

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This appeals to their love of the unexpected. They are careful about money; their careful handling of assets is often born out of a fear that prosperity will not last. November 13 individuals want to achieve success on their terms. They know their talents, but, no matter what they have to offer, they will resist if they cannot do things their way.

They strive to achieve a personal best and have no concern for others' opinions. Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books.

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She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope. November 29 Birthday Astrology. Maintain your appearance. Not meaning you have to be "model gorgeous" but show pride in the way you look. Above all look this man in the eye. His eyes will speak volumes to you.

Your daily horoscope: November 13 - The Globe and Mail

His heart and soul are on his sleeve for the right lady. And it will happen quickly so don't be alarmed. Best of luck. Ryan If your name is Mackenzie then you just be yourself. If you are not Mackenzie, then be strong minded, caring, loyal, and hard working is really sexy. I'm a 25 year old Scorpio born on Nov. Those traits have life long keeper written all over it Hope this helps you. We texted and out of no where he stoped responding.. So we stop communicating for a month then out of no where we bumped into each other and that was the first time I seen him off line Rx That was like an insight into my mind, and insight into my soul.

They're really describes me and now it age 63 I can see why I acted and do act the way I do. I will learn from this and also learn not to overreact to negativity. Thank you. Linda Oh! That's just like me!!! TIM I would never get into the research or care profession, far from it! That and a great many other traits here have utterly nothing to do with me at all. This profile is also full of contradictions stating that in one place that I'm patient and in another that I'm impatient GolcondaSaint We are so perfectly made It is too bad noone understands us.

ManuElla I so know right. People easily take offense in what we say. We are easily mistaken Rusty We suffer so beautifully. Char I feel that one. Gabby salazar Sometime i aint gonna lie i hate being a scorpio. Brendon It's always trippy seeing the similarities that I have with this zodiac. Scorpio's are trippy in general; we just get taken advantage of way too often!

Hey there!

Especially, when when we let it happen, just to be "normal". Brent The above is true, almost too true. Channel the anger.

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It is a useful tool if properly checked. Elaine I am a fifth generation female Scorpio in my fifties. The above description fits me perfectly. I have learned over the years, if I do something to help someone, not to expect anything back in return. Yoga and meditation daily, even just a few minutes,is very helpful. Jacob I'd prefer being a scorpio above all anyday personally. The will to walk alone and need for it goes good with how messed up this worlds becoming.

Cant trust anyone so what better trait then to want to be alone. Born on the 13th can really sum it up. But try friday the 13th at pm. Shit really gets deep. Catherine I am a 13th woman and have to agree to several points. Its really hard to find a mate that gets me. Like all the way , I can be nice , caring , loving all the same time. I think that might be why I'm always down.